Mogwai Labs

Yeast plays a major role in creating the iconic flavour profiles of beer and other fermented beverages around the world. These characteristics allow us to define a beer to a particular region.

Mogwai Labs is a yeast lab for the Australian brewing industry providing fermentation solutions. It is their mission to give brewers better access to these yeast cultures. Whether it is to replicate these classic styles, pushing the boundaries of innovation or exploring new flavours unique to their local area.

Located on Dharawal country at the University of Wollongong, Mogwai Labs provides liquid yeast cultures to commercial breweries and other beverage makers. We specialise in traditional yeast strains commonly used in beer production, mixed fermentation cultures, and wild native yeast captured from around Australia. Giving brewers the ability to create products showcasing flavours unique to their terroir or recreate classic styles found around the world.




Mogwai Labs are proud to provide yeasts for a number of South Coast Ale Trail breweries including

Having access to hundreds of yeasts strains local provides South Coast breweries with the ability to make great tasting beer all year round.

You can find out more about them by vising their website. www.mogwailabs,