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The South Coast Ale Trail is a collective of Craft Breweries along the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

The trail stretches for more than 370kms along the South Coast of NSW so you can take your time to discover over a few days and soak it all in. The South Coast is not a destination, it is a journey !

Currently there are 11 breweries included in the South Coast Ale Trail, however as new breweries open and want to join on, we hope to add more.

The South Coast Ale Trail is a combined marketing effort from the breweries involved. Each brewery contributes to the cost of the marketing so we only feature breweries that contribute. If you know a brewery that you think should be involved, let them know and ask them to contact us if they want to get involved.

How long your journey takes is up to you. Whilst you could drive the entire distance in a day, you wouldn't get to enjoy all the breweries along the way, so we suggest you take 3 or more days to visit them all and enjoy yourself.

If you are visiting the South Coast there are plenty of places to stay. Camelrock Brewery is actually located in Wallaga Lake Holiday Park, just North of Bermagui so it has it's own accommodation on site. We have also hand selected other accommodation which is nearby other South Coast Breweries.  Visit our Journey page for more information.

YES ! The NSW South Coast is a a beautiful stretch of coast line with dozens of towns to visit and loads of other activities to participate in. Visit our Journey Page for more information.

Yes, you can join a Tour with one of our operators like Fuzzy Cuzzy who runs brewery tours on the South Coast. Visit our Brewery Tour page for more information.