Steve House - Swordfish Brewing

Like all good Aussie brewers Steve started brewing with a Coopers kit in his spare room. He quickly started drying hopping extract tins and experimenting with wort kits and liquid yeast before setting up an all-grain system in the garage. His commercial brewing started with a 10 hectolitre system at Resin Brewing but he know runs Swordfish Brewing. He loves brewing (and sampling) all styles of beer from Lagers through to Hazy's and everything in between.


Michael Casey - Camelrock

Falling in love with craft beer while working in a Belgian beer bar in Vancouver in 2014 and moving straight into working the bar at breweries once back on home soil it wasn’t long before Michael (AKA Charlie) got the opportunity to cut his teeth with helping package beer for a brewery on the Surf Coast of VIC. Stepping up into a roll at Little Creatures in Geelong he was able to study brewing and distilling but wanted to brew on a smaller kit. Then along came an opportunity to steer the helm at Camelrock Brewery and a new chapter begins!

Matt Stitt - Broulee Brewhouse

Meet Matt the head brewer at Broulee Brewhouse. Like most brewers, Matt started off as a home brewer and then began a career as a winemaker before turning to professional brewing. He has worked all over Australia, but wanted to head to somewhere a little bit more laid back, so Broulee was the perfect place. His favourite beer to brew is a Rye IPA and he always has some Coopers in his fridge.  Mat says “I take pride in my job, seeing people tasting beer, drinking it in with their eyes and feeling happy and relaxed – it’s a major perk to the job”.



Matt Burnett - Longstocking

Matt started getting interested in home brewing at age 16 brewing extract kits with his step Dad, whilst working in bars and breweries for 10 years he developed a love for craft beer. Having the opportunity to now be brewing beer at Longstocking so close to home is a dream come true! Matt is now head brewer and he has bought to the brewery fresh eyes, a professional touch and an exemplary knowledge of brewing.

Brendan Dowd - Resin

Brendan has brewed beer since he was 16 when his grandfather first taught him the craft. The passion hasn’t diminished over the years (decades) and this is noted in everyone of the beers that pours through our taps. Today Brendan enjoys brewing a wide range of styles for Resin Brewing.

Jeffrey Argent - Seeker Brewing

Jeff Argent

Jeff started brewing at an early age helping his Dad out with the cleaning and bottling the of his home brew. Fast forward to his adult life and that interest in brewing grew into a passionate hobby and eventually to a professional career. Jeff started his own company, Seeker Brewing and continues his passion for brewing exciting and new beers.

Joey Panucci - South Yeast

Joey’s background in brewing started as most, at home. He has been brewing for over 5 years and is still discovering and creating new and delicious brews. Joey’s brewing includes classic full bodied, malt forward beers as well as modern hazy and hop focused brews. He always happy for feedback and enjoys the challenge of making South Yeast Brewing's beer better and better.

Nick Phillips - RGBM

Nick from Reub Goldberg Brewing is a classic brewer’s brewer. He has a keen interest in the brewing process and enjoys how everyone has a different taste, expression and interpretation of beer styles. With formal qualifications and over 6 years as a commercial brewer he brings plenty of experience to the team as well as a finger on the pulse of the international brewing industry and great enthusiasm to explore all the new malt and hop varietals. He thinks that the beer world would be better off without online beer review sites!