Ryefield Hops

Ryefield Hops is a family owned commercial hop farm dedicated to producing certified sustainable hops grown using regenerative agriculture principles for the Australian craft beer market. The farm is located in Bemboka on the far south coast of NSW.  

8 varieties of hops are grown on 12 acres of 6m high trellis. Visitors are welcome to see how hops are grown at processed at tours and workshops during the growing season (October – February).  

Hop Farm Tours give you a 90 minute introduction into the world of hops by walking through the field and customised processing shed. Visitors also get to taste craft beer made using Ryefield Hops from reputable craft breweries.  

Hop Growing Workshops are held once a year for those eager to grow a few hop plants at home and to gain knowledge about how to harvest hops to use for home brewing.
Hops can be purchased in either fresh, dried whole cone or pellets and are predominately sold to Australian craft breweries. Home brewers can also purchase Ryefield Hops in 100g foil bags on Ryefield Hops website.

During summer there is a memorable family experience to pick your own sunflowers adjacent to the hop field. Open days are held during January.