Tilba Brewing Co

Tilba Brewing Co. was born in June 2021 (so, officially a Covid pandemic lockdown project!). Their beers are brewed with their partners at Stoic Brewing ans are served exclusively at the Dromedary Hotel which is over 120 years old.

The Dromedary Hotel was built in Central Tilba in 1895 for Jim and Emma  Livingstone. Both from NSW, Emma Livingstone, nee Southam, was born in Tilba Tilba in 1862.  It is said that The Drom was built from wood recycled from the ships that docked at Bermagui harbour. Originally built not as a pub but a coffee palace, The Drom was originally called The Palace Hotel. In 1936 the pub was renamed Hotel Dromedary after nearby Mount Dromedary. The signboards were removed from the building during World War II; when they were replaced in 1946 the owners at that time decided to change the name to the Dromedary Hotel, after nearby Mount Dromedary. You can read more history about the Dromedary Hotel here. Tilba Brewing now brew a number of beers for sale at the Dromedary Hotel and available in some local bottle shops.